Cooper Moon

“Every now and then I come across a book that refuses to be set aside. A book that has me thinking, ‘I can throw a TV dinner in the microwave for the family.’ A book that I read while everyone else in the room is watching one of my favorite television shows. A book that lingers on the edge of my consciousness until I finish the last sentence. Cooper Moon: The Calling is just such a book.”

— Paula K. Parker – H. J. Live

Cooper Moon The Calling - Cheryl Shireman


An odd thing happened to Cooper Moon during his fortieth year. He stumbled upon God—in a single, drunken, life-altering moment. No one was more skeptical about this abrupt conversion than his long-suffering and often cheated-upon wife, Sally. Perhaps Sally would have been more inclined to believe Cooper during that seminal moment if he had not reeked of urine and beer. It is difficult to give much credence to someone’s sudden declaration of faith when they have clearly pissed their pants. [Read more...]


Amazon Review 1

An exquisitely crafted story with rich characters, strong narrative, humor, and faith all bundled brilliantly to make this one of the best books I’ve read. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone.

M. O.

Amazon Review 2

Love this series of books and as a guy, I can tell you they aren’t just for women. The storytelling is excellent. These books are difficult to put down!

T. D.

Amazon Review 3

I read this series in order with no interruptions for other books. Spell binding!

K. C.


Critics 1

Ms. Shireman solidly grounds her characters with sincerity and strong personality. There was not a character described that I didn’t feel I knew personally by the end of the book.

Literary R & R

Critics 2

Throughout the story I found myself wrapped up tight with the humor, wit and sincerity of Cheryl’s writing. This is truly a story for the masses.

Free Book Reviews

Critics 3

Shireman created an engaging cast of characters with distinct personalities and challenges. Reminded me of Garrison Keillor’s “Lake Woebegone” stories on A Prairie Home Companion.

Supernal Living

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Writing a novel is similar to building a house. You start with a vision, a way that you want the thing to look and to feel – a sensation that you want to create. It only exists in your mind, but it becomes real long before it ever materializes on the screen or in a…

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Cooper Moon: The Calling FREE on Nook, Apple, and Kobo!

By Cheryl Shireman | June 16, 2014

I am very happy to announce that the first book in my Cooper Moon series, Cooper Moon: The Calling is now available as a FREE ebook for Nook, Apple, and Kobo. The ebook is NOT yet free on Amazon and is currently priced at $3.99. The paperback is also available through Amazon. I am so excited to make this first book in…

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New Book Covers for the Cooper Moon series!

By Cheryl Shireman | June 16, 2014

One of the most difficult things for a writer to do is to choose a book cover. A cover needs to capture the attention of a reader and convey the message and “feel” of a book. A writer spends months (sometimes years!) creating a novel and then has to convey all of those words in…

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